generate from source code

Supports C, C++, VC++ (Visual C++ .NET), PHP, Delphi (Object Pascal).

export as multiple formats

can export as MS Word(*.doc), MS Visio(*.vsd),SVG(*.vsg),XML(*.xml),Bitmap(*.bmp) files

expand, shrink,zoom, move

expand / shrink, zoom in / zoom out, move the flowchart freely.

pre-define the base chart size

pre-define the base size of the flowchart.

What is news

v4.5 is released! 2018-01-28

  • Fixed a bug when IF/For/While/Repeat without children nodes.
  • Fixed a bug when Case with cpp.
  • v2.4.1 is released!

  • revised multi languages.
  • add "readonly".
  • add "project" to manage more source code files.
  • v1.0 is released!

  • source code to flowchart.
  • support C/Cpp, pascale(Delphi).
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